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18th July 2006
CRAC attend special Scrutiny Committee meeting to make a presentation which is very limited by Council imposed time restrictions.
WVP provide a heavily cut down version of their CPZ TV documentary packed with compelling supporting evidence for the CRAC presentation.
18th July 2006
Cardiff Council
Environmental Scrutiny Committee Agenda 18 July 2006
Controlled Parking Zones
The agenda makes clear: "Proposals for the introduction of CPZs... ...are intended to assist those areas of the city suffering the greatest parking stress."
CRAC comment: There is NO EVIDENCE that the proposed Canton CPZ area suffers "parking stress". The Council is in breach of its own stated purpose, that is, "intended to assist" is precisely the opposite of what the proposed CPZ scheme will do in Canton, the scheme will exacerbate the few realtively minor problems there are. The Council appear willfully blind to this.
The agenda also makes clear: "The conclusions and recommendations from the consultants were that: Overall there is very strong support for the CPZ from residents."
CRAC comment: This is an ongoing misrepresentation of the proven facts, no less than 55% of residents and 72% of business is against the proposed scheme, opposition is expected to grow as more have the opportunity to declare their considered view.
13th July 2006
CRAC announce 55% of Residents in the proposed parking zone have now signed to say they are against the proposed CPZ scheme, providing growing proof the Council misrepresented the support and the issues surrounding the scheme. The number of Residents against is expected to rise to over 60% as they have the opportunity to do so. A growing number of Residents are calling for an enquiry into Council practices.
At the CRAC public meeting last night one angry zone Resident referred to the Council as "a dictatorship like Hitler many of us died fighting a war against, they never listen".
At the CRAC public meeting last night another angry local business man explained "I went to the parking zone exhibition in Canton library, the Council staff there refused to right down my objection". This providing more evidence for those who believe the Council fixed the survey result.
At the CRAC public meeting last night former Councillor (Riverside 6 years) Chaz Singh confirms the Council misled Riverside Residents over their existing CPZ scheme, resulting in a loss of 50% of Residents parking, leading to parking problems for Residents.
12th July 2006
Residents & Business Meeting held Wednesday 12th July 2006 in Wesley Methodist Church, on the corner of Nottingham Street in Canton. This commenced at 5:35 prompt, had a very tight agenda and will be very focussed with the aim to appoint an action committee with representation from both business and residents to enable us all to put on a united front. All welcome.
3rd July 2006
Cardiff Council
Environmental Scrutiny Committee Agenda 3 July 2006
Controlled Parking Zones
The agenda leads the information that the Councilís Corporate Plan 2006-2009 includes the following objective: "Better manage traffic flow and parking and reduce congestion by developing Controlled Parking Zones..."
CRAC comment: The Council confuse "congestion" with Residents "parking", both are very different things and have nothing to do with each other, that is, Residents parking near their homes does not create "congestion" which is caused by over development and poor structural planning in adjacent areas.
25th June 2006
Sunday Express confirm profit motive for CPZ's
"...the amonut handed over by motorists has almost doubled to £1.2 billion a year, with Councils making £450 million profit last year."
In some areas there has been " astonishing increase of 37,150 percent" (yes 371 times greater!).
The "...House of Commons Transport Committee report complained that parking laws were complex and oppressive... The Committee demanded an end to draconian policies..."
6th June 2006
Resident Clamping Confirmed
Cardiff Enviroment and Transport Executive (Elgan Morgan) confirms: "Clamping and Removals will be used only as absolutely neccessary, perhaps in the case of persistent offenders or... ...but neither practice will be relied upon as a means to increase revenue..."
CRAC comment: There is clearly no denial that the proposed clamping and removals against Residents or their Visitors will be used and raise revenue for the Council.
6th June 2006
Resident Pay for Parking Confirmed
Cardiff Enviroment and Transport Executive (Elgan Morgan) confirms " [ visitor ] permit per household is available... ...this could be extended to two, with daily [ pay for and display ] scratch cards for larger gatherings."
CRAC comment: There is clearly an intention by the Council to tax Residents social life and visitors in order to raise revenue for the Council. There is clearly no existing parking problem for the majority, it will only serve to greatly increase the financial burden on Residents and Community Organisations while reducing the available parking.
Occasional parking problems in Canton are caused by the shortage of parking in adjacent areas because parking provisions have not kept pace with permitted developments, eg: Millennium Stadium and Ninian Park stadium. It is entirely wrong that Residents and their local community businesses should have to meet the cost of dealing with any future problems introduced by these business operations and the absence related planning.
NB: This section is updated as news arises and historic material will be added in due course.

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