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More about LVZ's (Local Vehicle Zones)

Local Vehicle Zone The LVZ control method preserves the quality of community life, is much cheaper to run and implement, can avoid the need for permits and the cost of charging residents and the substantial traditional scheme administration costs.
The quality of Resident's lives and local business can continue unaffected or be improved while commuter and other unwanted parking is controlled.
LVZ's allow local Residents, Community Organisations and Businesses to register their vehicles with the zone scheme by telephone, post or online.
Residents can include visitors vehicles, Churches can include members vehicles and Businesses can include their staff vehicles subject to the limits of the zone scheme. The aim being to enable community and family life to go on unrestricted as existing or be improved.
Traditional pay for parking can still be implemented in car parks and in shopping street parking bays after any appropriate free parking period to help the areas businesses do better. It is important free periods are long enough to avoid shoppers being pushed out by charges. Longer term parking should have a maximum period to deter unwanted parking such as city centre commuters and stadium event parking. Restrictions after a certain point in time, for example in the evening, can be removed to enable free residential overspill, visitor and small business (eg: restaurants, late shops) parking.
LVZ Wardens can be equiped with hand held ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) units which can instantly identify number plates 3 to 5 meters away.
hand held ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) unit for parking control Wardens are able to deal with vehicles selectively. Local vehicles can be subject to no restrictions or limited restrictions while non local vehicles are fully restricted.
When a local vehicle number match is found an audible warning tone is sounded and an appropriate message displayed on screen. The units can also recognise known non local vehicles and store images of offending vehicles.
When the unit is returned to it's cradle for recharging at night all it's data can be updated automatically with the office PC. Hand held ANPR units currently hold up to 5 million number plates.

Small Budget LVZ's

Where there are small communities (eg: villages, sub areas) or a shortage of funding an alternative method is to simply issue serial numbered hard to copy local vehicle permits to be displayed on vehicles. If required wardems can carry a printed list or a budget PDA device (sub 100) to check permits and vehicles.
With this method, after the number of community vehicles gets beyond a certain point, the hand held ANPR units will be found to be much quicker and efficient at checking vehicles as they can do this instantly and automatically.
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