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for Residents
Residents Pay for Parking confirmed
Date: 6th June 2006
From: Elgan Morgan
Cc: all Councillors
Subject: Re: CPZ's Cardiff
...this may not guarantee Residents a space... [ visitor ] permit per household is available... ...with daily [ pay for and display ] scratch cards for larger gatherings.
Elgan Morgan (Councillor)
Executive Enviroment & Transport
No To Controlled Parking Zone Say No to
Pay & Display
Confirmation of CPZ Clamping
Date: 6th June 2006
From: Elgan Morgan
Cc: all Councillors
Subject: Re: CPZ's Cardiff
...Clamping and Removals will be used...
Elgan Morgan (Councillor)
Executive Enviroment & Transport
No To Controlled Parking Zone Say No to
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CANTON DEFEATED the CPZ in the Referendum Vote on Friday 26th January 2007
92.5% Voted NO to the proposed CPZ confirming the serious flaws in the original CPZ consultation in which the Council claimed around 66% voted in favour. Thank you every one! from every one in Canton. Click the red REFERENDUM buttom above for more info.
South Wales Echo 25th January 2007: South Wales Echo poll of 500 on the streets of Canton confirms 82% SAY NO TO CPZ. CRAC says: When will the Council come down off its high horse and listen to the Canton Communities much better parking scheme proposals in which every one Wins!
BBC Dragons Eye 25th January 2007: BBC 2W Dragons Eye 8:30pm features some of Canton Communities difficulties with Cardiff Council over the proposed CPZ and some of the antics such as anonymous leafleting and the Councils removal of notices advising public of referendum, for some additional detail
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Cardiff Council 25th January 2007: Todays Cardiff Council meeting physically ejects member of the public asking a legitimate public question about the Council's adherence to the CPZ Referendum. Mayor and Council Leader accused in session of being not fit for office, Councillors accused of letting it happen.
24th January 2007: Councillors Call to SCRAP CPZ - Councillors Jayne Cowan, Adrian Robson (Planning), Gwenllian Lansdown (Constitution & Economic Committee) and Mohammed Islam (Planning), say "It is essential that CPZ's are scrapped...", for the detail
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24th January 2007: Bus Users UK Leo Markham says those Parking in Canton are Anarchists, for the detail
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18th January 2007: The Council give notice that they will not extend the Polling Hours to help enable all to vote. Please call on your friends, relatives and neighbours and help the less able get out to vote on the 26th Jan.
16th January 2007: At the CRAC meeting today it become clear Canton Residents can defeat the CPZ through the Referendum. It is also clear the Council have chosen not to issue Polling Cards or tell Voters where to vote, do not let the Council hide your views.
quality of life keep
your right to park
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8th January 2007: Canton Votes Unanimously for a CPZ Referendum see it on TV, click on the TV button below:
Controlled Parking Zone Referendum (TV Documentary extract) - click here (Server 1)   (TV content is intended for Broadband and MS Windows based devices, you will need a windows media player installed, for high quality video please contact us for a DVD version, or broadcast quality video files)
5th January 2007: Canton Residents Action Committee (CRAC) have called a public meeting on Monday 8 January, at 7:00pm at Wesley Methodist Church, Cowbridge Road East Canton, to request Cardiff Council to hold a Controlled Parking Zone Referendum in Canton,
 click here  or the red REFERENDUM button above for more information.
January 2007: read about Cardiff Transport Policy (last updated 24/1/07)
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17th August 2006: Evidence emerges that Labour Party Councilors decided to promote the CPZ scheme against the majority of Canton Residents and local Business. For more info
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27th July 2006: Cardiff Council Transport Executive decide to implement a CPZ in Canton despite having clear evidence the alleged parking problems do not exist and that Cardiff Council is in breach of its own rules to do so, for more info
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25th July 2006: Cardiff Council continue to deceive the public with the false statement that Canton is in favour of the CPZ scheme.
21st July 2006: Canton CPZ issue featured in "Dumber and Dumber Government and Lies", see extracted Scrutiny Meeting 18th July highlights
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19th July 2006 South Wales Echo Cardiff: "City's parking shake-up process a sham"
See the CPZ TV documentary extract packed with compelling supporting evidence for CRAC, click on the TV button below:
Controlled Parking Zone TV Documentary - click here (Server 1)  
13th July: At least 55% of Residents in the zone have verifiably voted against the introduction of a CPZ, at least 72% of businesses are against, opposition is expected to grow as more have the opportunity to declare their considered view.

Why Vote NO to CPZ ?

Cardiff Council are currently proposing to introduce a draconian controlled parking zone (CPZ) scheme.
No proper surveys have been done, the Council and their Consultants do not understand the parking issues and refuse to really examine them.
Cardiff Council present false evidence in support of their proposed parking scheme False and missleading information is being used by the Council to promote the proposed scheme.
The Council is unable to produce any valid evidence to support their claims of residential parking problems, they rely on spin and and presenting misleading information.
The proposed scheme will lead to the reduction of parking capacity, demise of family life and business, a decline in property values and the general quality of life in the area.
The Council intends that residents and business will pay for the decline by a hidden tax in scheme charges for parking rights in residential and shopping areas.
The Council is not considering or proposing much better alternatives that preserve the quality of life and are much cheaper to implement and run
Local Vehicle Zones (LVZ's) are the best solution for every one, every one can win, however this concept is still not in the Councils mindset and vocabulary despite employing so called experts
For more on LVZ's  click here 
Due to Cardiff Councils intransigence, the residents only solution is to oppose the Council as far as it takes until common sense and quality planning returns.
Some Residents have been mislead and mistakenly believe the proposed CPZ will improve parking and provide them with parking space, but this is not true, there will be less space to go round than now.
The Council is refusing to accept scheme objections from community members who come in from outside the immediate area and use community facilities or assist relatives.
Residents and Community Organisations will lose their right to park, some Residents may lose their jobs.
House holders and businesses have a legal right to make a claim for compensation, for example a claim for a reduction in Council Tax banding, even if successful, this will not replace the lost quality of life and facilities.
A fair reduction in Council Tax will result in the Council being unable to make the proposed CPZ finances balance, there would be a net loss. This may be why the Council meetings over the CPZ finance issues are being held in secret, because confirmation of problems would strengthen the case against the proposed CPZ.
The Councils CPZ proposals indicate:
  • Residents will be restircted to one or No Vistors making family and social life difficult and in some cases expensive through Residents Pay for and Display parking (eg scratch cards). Because existing Residents (outside working hours) overspill areas such as the existing car parks will become Pay and Display, late returning Residents will be forced to pay for parking or face Clamping or Vehicle Removal.
  • one additional (in some cases a first) daily household visitor may cost Residents 1095 per year each and substantialy more as charges increase further. Cardiff Council are unwilling to give guarantees about charging levels, although there is talk of initially reduced costs, charges may well become substantial like many other areas that already have CPZ's.
  • The Council intends to make it extremely difficult for Community Organisations, Churches and Clubs to continue their activities right through the week. Some may be forced to close. It is not just that you will have to pay to park, the number of spaces available will be cut, thus reducing those who attend unless they are prepared to face 300 tow away or clamping fees.
  • Trade and Service charges will increase by 10 to 15 per visit. The Councils (JMP) Strategic Overview Report dated 21/06/06 indicates that infrequently visiting trade and service people will be required to first find a purchase point, pay to park, then buy a 24 hour scratch card, then go back to their vehicle and drive to the residential location and park again. The added time required will be in the order of 15 to 20 minutes adding typically 10 to 15 in time service charges to the Resident.

No Real parking Problem

CRAC parking surveys in Canton reveal an existing substantial surplus of parking space most of the time. Even at peak times a parking space can usually be found, on occasions there is difficulty, but this is to do with the availability of spaces at peak times, the proposed CPZ will not improve this it will make it worse.
Wales First Minister Rhodri Morgan has no problem with parking in Canton Wales First Minister Rhodri Morgan has no problem with parking in Canton (see the WVP TV Documentary above). In a letter to Councilor Elgan Morgan near the end of May 2006 he says:
"I myself frequently use..." the current Canton " parking arrangements..." they "...function reasonably well... This is a case of if it ain't broke, don't fix it! isn't it ?"
"The points that have been put to me... ...the abysmal quality of consultation... ...lack of clarity..." Compared to the other areas: " such consultations have been carried out with traders in the Cowbridge Road area."
Residents "...take a very strong view about the destructive effect..." of the CPZ, "...they would never have bought houses..." if they had known.
However the introduction of a CPZ will reduce the available parking space making any problems worse, not better, leading many to believe the CPZ scheme is simply a another stealth tax.
Occasional parking problems in Canton are caused by the shortage of parking in adjacent areas because parking provisions have not kept pace with permitted developments, eg: Millennium Stadium and Ninian Park stadium. It is entirely wrong that Residents and their local community businesses should have to meet the cost of dealing with any future problems introduced by these business operations in adjacent areas and the absence of proper planning.
CRAC is dedicated to working with all Residents and Businesses to ensure the best solution when it is needed. The aim is to ensure we all work together to protect our parking for the benefit of all Residents and Businesses and with the least possible negative imapct on our lives.
CRAC believes the Council and their consultants JMP failed to examine and understand the issues in our area. The overall parking scheme process was severely flawed and the issues in our area have been misrepresented.
CRAC believes the Council and their consultants are ignoring better alternatives such as LVZ's (Local Vehicle Zone). This provides a near perfect solution and is much cheaper for all. Local vehicles and registered visitors can instantly be recognized from a distance automatically by hand held equipment (ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition), there is no need for permits and residents pay for parking.
For more on LVZ's  click here 
CRAC have the offer of free trial LVZ equipment from the industry leader so the LVZ solution can be demonstrated to anyone with any interest. For further information please contact Simon at WWW Suport Services tel: 0845 475 3625 (office hours).

Vote in Referendum

We urge you to VOTE NO in the comming CPZ Referendum on Friday 26th January 2007.
NO POLLING CARDS ARE REQUIRED - just come and vote at your regular polling station
Any Canton Resident OVER 18 can VOTE
Polling Stations 4pm to 9pm:
Canton Uniting Church Hall
Landsdowne Primary School
Llanover Hall
Portacabin - Broad Street
Victoria Park Pavillion (please note the only gate that will be open is the one by the tennis court).
Remind you friends and neighbours to vote.
If you need help getting to vote book a lift, call:
Louise: 07980 667319
Jane: 07790 266361
Gaynor: 07974 146523
Carole: 07837 326656
Mel: 02920 565143
Gwyn: 07989 453911
The voting time is currently restricted to 4pm to 9pm - we are trying to get this extended, it is obviously difficult for the less able to come out in the dark and to unfamiliar locations (postal and proxy votes have been refused).
The Council are also unwilling to issue Polling Cards and inform voters where to vote, which they could choose to do. This further confirms the Councils ongoing disinterest in the electorates real views. Couple this with the misrepresentation of Residents views by the Council through false claims in the media and the original so called deeply flawed consultation, there may be a justified argument that there has been a hidden agenda all along, if not gross incompetence.
It is most important to vote in the referendum, you can also sign the petition (see below) to register your view and support CRAC and work together to improve our area. Registering your view with CRAC is important, it helps us challenge any misleading claims from the Council about support for schemes, like we have already seen over the CPZ issue. Please help us help you.

Sign The Petition

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Anyone from anywhere could fill in the Council CPZ Questionaire, there was no check on ID, so there is no way of verifying legitimate entries. By providing us with a paper signature (see above), we can extend our advantage as we have the only genuine and verifiable vote on the CPZ issue.

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