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Canton Residents Action Committee CPZ Referendum Winners 92.5% vote NO
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Controlled Parking Zone Referendum

Parking Zone Referendum 92.5% Voted NO to the proposed CPZ confirming the serious flaws in the original CPZ consultation in which the Council claimed around 66% voted in favour.
Thank you every one! from every one in Canton
Perhaps now the Council will listen to CRAC's proposals which are much better for all including the Council.
There was a 32% turn out (3,002 voting no) on the most difficult dark night in the week with polling hours restricted which prevented many people voting. There were large queues for hours as polling staff tried to cope with the demand. A Council sign outside Polling Stations told voters that any queues at polling close would be unable to vote. If there had been a much bigger turn out it seems many would haved been turned away.
If an LVZ (Local Vehicle Zone) is adopted, there is no need for the substantial cost of permits and administration costs, because local vehicles are automatically recognised, parking charges can still be levied in car parks and shopping bays, while residential streets can be protected areas for local business and residents.
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Pre Vote Referendum Details
Vote in Referendum: we urge you to VOTE NO in the comming CPZ Referendum on Friday 26th January 2007.
NO POLLING CARDS ARE REQUIRED - just come and vote at your regular polling station
Any Canton Resident OVER 18 can VOTE
Polling Stations 4pm to 9pm:
Canton Uniting Church Hall
Landsdowne Primary School
Llanover Hall
Portacabin - Broad Street
Victoria Park Pavillion (please note the only gate that will be open is the one by the tennis court).
Remind you friends and neighbours to vote.
If you need help getting to vote book a lift, call:
Louise: 07980 667319
Jane: 07790 266361
Gaynor: 07974 146523
Carole: 07837 326656
Mel: 02920 565143
Gwyn: 07989 453911
The voting time is currently restricted to 4pm to 9pm - we are trying to get this extended, it is obviously difficult for the less able to come out in the dark and to unfamiliar locations (postal and proxy votes have been refused).
The Council are also unwilling to issue Polling Cards and inform voters where to vote, which they could choose to do. This further confirms the Councils ongoing disinterest in the electorates real views. Couple this with the misrepresentation of Residents views by the Council through false claims in the media and the original so called deeply flawed consultation, there may be a justified argument that there has been a hidden agenda all along, if not gross incompetence.
It is most important to vote in the referendum, you can also sign the petition (see buuton top of page) to register your view and support CRAC and work together to improve our area. Registering your view with CRAC is important, it helps us challenge any misleading claims from the Council about support for schemes, like we have already seen over the CPZ issue. Please help us help you.
Vote NO to CPZ

24th January 2007
Councillors Call to SCRAP CPZ
Councillors against the proposed CPZ
Councillors Jayne Cowan, Adrian Robson, Gwenllian Lansdown (Constitution & Economic Committee) and Mohammed Islam (Planning) say "It is essential that CPZ's are scrapped and a full, open and frank debate takes place across the City to see how we can improve public transport and parking problems in Cardiff in a sensible and effective way."
CRAC welcomes sensible debate on the issue.
24th January 2007
Bus Users UK Leo Markham suggests those Parking in Canton are anarchists Those Parking in Canton are Anarchists
Leo Markham (Consultant Bus Users UK) suggests those parking in Canton are anarchists ("parking situation in Canton is anarchic"). He shows a complete ignorance of the Canton CPZ issues in the leaflet he has distributed round homes in Canton today.
Who are Bus Users UK? Why have they decided to throw their hat into the ring at this late stage? Where have they been for the last 10 months?
Leo seems to believe large buses drive up and down every residential street in Canton and has no real idea of the proposed CPZ scheme and the harm it would bring to the community overall.
CRAC has promoted much better alternatives to the proposed CPZ in which everyone wins (eg: LVZ's). Leo is unaware of the issues of OUR COMMUNITY. As he is funded by the Welsh Assembly in a consultancy role, perhaps he has a vested interest in seeing the proposed CPZ come into being?
Bus Users UK appear to be adding their support of the CPZ at the last minute and failing to explain the issues. CRAC wanted involvement from every stakeholder within the community from day one, but Cardiff Council and JMP, the consultants from Brighton who did the initial flawed consultation said only those residents living in the community could have their voice heard.
Leo Markham and Bus Users UK have never engaged with CRAC to discover the real issues and work towards solving the problems. It has to be questioned why nobody from this organisation has up until now not been seen or heard of in Canton.
Leo fails to address the issue that large buses are highly inefficient (compared to new technology high efficiency compact vehicles) and are one of the worst offenders for Carbon Emissions and Global Warming, not to mention pollution.
Canton is a prime Residential area built on family life for which car transport is essential, its streets are not a bus super highway and it is not part of the city centre. There is ample evidence (satelite photos and survey video) that the real parking problems in Canton are relatively minor and are due to lack of enforcement of the existing rules. The current worst congestion problems are caused by the large bendy buses, which often obstruct each other and traffic.
22nd January 2007
The Council have been busy 22nd January (see picture below) removing countless Public CPZ Referendum Notices, the van floor was covered with removed referendum notices, interestingly the Council left other public signs in place on lamp posts, seems they have taken exception to the Referendum ones, making it more dificult for people to know about the Referendum. Do not be intimidated, please tell all you can and please vote.
Council Remove Public CPZ Referendum Notices in Canton

21st January 2007
An alert member of the public explains his snaps of Cardiff Council Leader (Councillor Rodney Berman) and Executive Member for Transport (Councillor Elgan Morgan) delivering "...anonymous and misleading..." leaflets on the CPZ issue, "...the leaflet can be seen to say vote Yes... ...for a better chance to park...", "...what is not shown is the large reduction in residential parking space and the real detail of the Councils CPZ proposals...".
Cardiff Council Leader (Councillor Rodney Berman) and Executive Member for Transport (Councillor Elgan Morgan) delivering anonymous leaflets
Cardiff Council Leader (Councillor Rodney Berman) and Executive Member for Transport (Councillor Elgan Morgan) delivering anonymous leaflets
"Executive Member for Transport hides
his face leaflets in hand"
Cardiff Council Leader (Councillor Rodney Berman) and Executive Member for Transport (Councillor Elgan Morgan) delivering anonymous leaflets
"Council Leader grabs leaflets away from camera"
Cardiff Council Leader (Councillor Rodney Berman) and Executive Member for Transport (Councillor Elgan Morgan) delivering anonymous leaflets
"Cardiff Council Leader finally cornered"

8th January 2007  

Parking Zone Referendum

Parking Zone vote for Referendum Canton Votes Unanimously for a CPZ Referendum, see it on TV, click on one of the TV buttons on the front (home page).
Thanks to the many hundreds (at least 450) that turned up. Unfortunately the Council Polling staff were swamped by the large turn out and the meeting was delayed around 40 minutes.
We appologise to the many who were turned away, the meeting had to proceed within a time limit to vote for a Referendum.
Sorry to all those who did not get the chance to vote for the Referendum, but please be sure to vote in the CPZ Referendum 26th January 2007 4pm to 9pm.
Parking Zone vote for Referendum Parking Zone vote for Referendum Parking Zone vote for Referendum
5th January 2007
Canton Residents Action Committee (CRAC) have called a public meeting on Monday 8 January, at 7:00pm at Wesley Methodist Church, Cowbridge Road East Canton, to request Cardiff Council hold a referendum on the issue of Controlled Parking Zones in Canton.
It is a community's right to request a Community Poll, under Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act. The last time this was used in Cardiff was to vote on the Cardiff Bay Barrage, back in the early 90;'s. For Cardiff Council to hold this referendum there must be at least 10 residents present at the public meeting. Such is the community's wide spread anger over these proposals, CRAC are anticipating a huge turnout at this meeting.
Once the referendum has been formally requested, Byron Davies, Chief Executive of Cardiff Council has 25 working days in which to hold a referendum.
Cardiff Council received a poor mandate to go ahead with their plans, after less than 15% of the total electorate voted in favour of this scheme, in all the 5 proposed areas: Cardiff Bay; Canton and Riverside; Cathays Terrace, Crwys Road and Woodville Road; Albany Road and City Road as well as Whitchurch Road.
In June the Council reported they had overwhelming support in favour of introducing CPZ's in Canton, but due to spin by the Council's publicity machine, the truth is only 14% of the residents in Canton actually voted for it; far less in the other areas. Many people previously voted in favour of these proposals, changed their mind once they understand their full implications.
Cardiff Council did not consult appropriately with the public, and was heavily criticised in July, by the Environment and Transport Scrutiny Committee, led by Councillor Simon Wakefield, for failing to consult more widely. Riverside has the greatest number of ethnic minority people living within the ward than anywhere else in the city, yet the Council never offered this service in any minority ethnic language, but felt it was too expensive to offer a translation of the consultation questionnaire.
Since April 2006 elected members have presented petitions to Council signed by over 50% of households within the proposed Canton and Riverside Zone as well as many representations made from the business community in opposition of this scheme. CRAC has no alternative than to speak on behalf of the community and request the referendum.
CRAC Chair, Jane O'Toole commented, "We have demonstrated our opposition by writing letters, telephoning, voicing our concerns in person at Scrutiny Committees as well as petitions but the Council fail to acknowledge Canton does not want or need Controlled Parking Zones. As residents, we are now evoking this by law to enable our voices to be heard. Any Council who fails to listen to public opinion is committing electoral suicide."
For further information, please contact:
Jane O'Toole, Canton Residents Action Committee 07790 266361
Louise Hawkins, Canton Residents Action Committee 07980 667319

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