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Cardiff Council Breaches Rules

The illustrated extracts from official Cardiff Council documents below show some of the ways Cardiff Council is breaching it's own rules in it's effort to force Controlled Parking Zones into areas where there are no parking problems.
Much worse, the CPZ proposals (documented elsewhere) will make the current relatively good parking situation in to a bad one, contrary to the Councils stated purpose as you will see below.
Cardiff Council Breaches Rules


2. At its meeting on 3 July 2006 the Members considered a report on Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs). Proposals for
the introduction of CPZs have arisen following work undertaken on the business case for Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE) and on the assessment of traffic issues in those areas and are intended to assist those areas of the city suffering the greatest parking stress.

CRAC Comment: It is clear from the above that the Council's purpose is to "assist those areas of the city suffering the greatest parking stress". However, Canton does not suffer parking stress in this context and the proposed CPZ will in fact make things far worse, which is why the overall majority are against it. By proceeding to introduce the scheme the Council has clearly breached it's own rules and duty of care.
Cardiff Council Breaches Rules


1. The Council’s Corporate Plan 2006-2009 includes the following objective under the theme of a ‘Clean and Attractive City’. ‘Better manage traffic flow and parking and
reduce congestion by developing Controlled Parking Zones and Decriminalised Parking Enforcement by November 2007 with additional park and ride facilities being developed by March 2009.’
5. The
main purpose of CPZs is to effectively manage on-street parking and to balance the varying needs for parking within the zone, and, to achieve this, all kerb space is regulated in some way.

CRAC Comment:
1. It realy seems those involved within and on behalf of our Council are not competent to tell the difference between "Congestion" and "Parking". Residents parking does not create congestion. Congestion is the result of too much traffic flow at a given time passing through to adjacent areas, is has nothing to do with Resident's parking.
5. Seemingly fine words, but in reality the opposite will happen as Resident's and their Visitors are forced out or prevented from parking. It will be extremely difficult for Community Organisations, Churches and Clubs to continue their activities right through the week. Some may be forced to close. It is not just that you will have to pay to park, the number of spaces available will be cut, thus reducing those who attend unless they are prepared to face £300 tow away or clamping fees.
Under strict questioning at the 18th July Scrutiny meeting the Council's Transport Officers would not or could not say how many Resident's and their Visitors would be forced out of the area. So far, many feel this scheme has the hallmarks of a confidence trick that one would normally associate with criminality. Just a few examples are:
  • Cardiff Council continue to deceive the public with the false statement (4th August 2006) that Canton is in favour of the CPZ scheme, despite knowing that the majority have verifiably voted against.
  • So far local Council Tax payers are having to pay out many hundreds of thousands of pounds in consultancy fees and for extra Council staff hired to provide expertise. Under strict questioning (18th July) these experts claim they still have no idea about the number of parking spaces, absolutely scandalous!
  • The Councils Transport Executive received clear evidence from their own Scrutiny Committee and others of the CPZ Consultation and Schemes serious flaws, however the Council Transport Executive still went ahead and voted for it (25th July 2006).
Many are calling for an inquiry into the Council's practices.

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